Brush Exploration
Sketchbook exploration using dry-brush abstract shapes to create narrative and conceptual characters.
Strange Doodles. 2017, so far...
A collection of doodles from the first half of 2017. It's been a weird one and I'm pretty sure it's only going to get weirder...
The Keeper
I've been wanting to play with watercolor for a long time. This illustration from my sketchbook was a great opportunity to experiment with different techniques.
A simple sketchbook project to illustrate the rewards of exploration.
Selected Doodles 2016
Selected sketchbook doodles from 2016
Small Drawings and Sketches
A small collection of recent drawings and sketches from my faithful sketchbook companion.
Four Eyes
Personal project from my sketchbook
The Visitors
A small creation from my sketchbook created with a ballpoint pen and watercolor pencils.
A Study in 'INK
Elementary, my dear Watson...
Monstruo Princesa
Sketchbook 2010
A few samples from one of my sketchbooks
Sketchbook 2011
Selected pages from my current sketchbooks
Lady Louisa (Updated)
The Lady Louisa was betimes amused by her unwieldy pangolin traveling companion and his riding ant.
Sketchbook character design using ballpoint pen and Photoshop
The Protector
Another drawing from the sketchbook
Face Me
A small collections of faces drawn during moments of frustration, long meetings, and the nexus of the two.
The Meerschaum Matador
Mannered monkeys with meerschaum make mellow matadors.
The Ghost of Princess Leporidae
She wanted to be a princess for halloween, then a ghost, then a ghost princess, and then finally a bunny.
Behold! 'Tis, Balustrad the Valiant!
Doodles, Early 2014
A small collection of sketches from early 2014.
Reginald, Reptile Representative
Reginald represents rare reptiles regularly, regardless of reputation.
Luciano the Elucidator
Luciano the Elucidator literally loves lightbulbs.
Ex Machina
A glimpse into the future...
A Safe Place
A new work from my personal collection, created using ballpoint pen and watercolor pencils.
Ballpoint Sketches
A sampling of ballpoint pen sketches from my current sketchbook
Lost No More
Personal work from my sketchbook
Clouded Judgment, w.i.p.
An inner and outer space explorer from my sketchbook
The Uneasy Crown
Ballpoint and watercolor drawing, sold on
Small 6x9 self-promotional drawing
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